Pointing & Helical Crack Repairs

If you require pointing and helical crack repairs in London, ROKA is the company for you. We have many years of experience in repairing wall cracks and repointing stone or brick walls. With our team of skilled engineers and the array of cutting-edge technology we boast, you can be confident of an outstanding service.

A wall crack can cause a lot of panic, but there is no need to fret. First, it’s important to understand why cracks in walls can occur. Cracks happen when a movement occurs that is beyond what the masonry construction materials can accommodate. This is why we often see cracks at door and window openings and corners, as this is where masonry tends to be over-stressed and least restrained. While there are incidents when movements are cyclic and reversible, unfortunately, most are permanent, which is why you require a quality repair and repointing service.

When you use our service, we will assess the damage to determine the nature of the crack, after which we will provide you with the most effective method of repair. If the crack is cyclic or passive and less than 5mm in width, we will use brickwork-stitching techniques to repair the damage. This approach will ensure that small and/or recurring movements can be accommodated in the future through improving the flexural and tensile strength of the masonry walls.

However, if, like most, the crack is active and/or greater than 5mm in width, it is imperative that you use the services of a structural engineer. Failure to do so could lead to the problem expanding, which could be disastrous. Here at ROKA, we will not only repair the building façade but we will carry out a repointing service, and this is crucial when it comes to maintaining the strength of the wall and enhancing the appearance. Companies that leave out this vital element are merely providing a quick fix, and this is when botch jobs and future problems arise.

We have also heard horror stories of the incorrect pointing method being used, which can lead to a reduction in the performance of the wall, which can in turn compromise the structural integrity of an entire building. Not only this, but physical damage can be caused to the brick or stone because water becomes trapped behind the dense mortar, and this prevents it from evaporating. This can lead to internal dampness, and you will find yourself spending a ton on specialist drying methods as a result. If you don’t deal with the issues, the costs will continue to mount, as you will experience adverse living conditions in the property.

This is something you don’t need to worry about when choosing ROKA, as the repointing method we use is assured to enhance the stabilisation and waterproofness of the walls in the structure. This in turn will enhance the visual appeal of natural stone walls while, more importantly, extending the life of individual stones and the wall overall.

Another factor that makes our company stand out from others in the industry is the fact that we endorse the use of natural lime mortars. Nowadays, modern cements dominate the building industry, yet, ironically, recent research has revealed that there are enormous benefits associated with natural lime, including the fact that there is less risk of salt and frost damage, it helps to protect the masonry and it is breathable, meaning it absorbs and evaporates the moisture from the surrounding masonry, ensuring you do not have the problem of water becoming trapped as mentioned previously. Aside from this, lime mortar has a low modulus of elasticity, which means it is highly flexible and allows for thermal expansion and movement. Finally, it is the eco-friendly solution, as it re-absorbs carbon dioxide, which reduces carbon footprint, and less carbon dioxide is produced in the manufacturing process as well.